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EdenPURE Refrigerator Air Purifier (EdenPURE Refrigerator Air Purifier)


EdenPURE Refrigerator Air Purifier

The EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier is an outstanding, state-of-the-art purifier that literally kills bacteria and sterilizes your refrigerator with safe ozone, so you and your family can lead happier, healthier lives.

The EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier is extremely compact and exquisitely designed so it looks good in your refrigerator and doesn’t take up much space. It even comes with a low voltage indicator to remind you when battery replacement is necessary.

The EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier releases ozone once every 2 hours, causing changes in the bacteria’s structure, and then the metastasis process takes over, destroying the bacteria.

By releasing safe ozone in your refrigerator with the EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier, you can also prevent odor cross-contamination of food by oxidizing disintegrating organic stink.

The EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier breaks down pesticides, which can be harmful to your health, while maintaining the vitamins in your food.

The EdenPURE® Refrigerator Air Purifier was designed to prolong the shelf life of food stored in your refrigerator. By placing it inside your refrigerator, your food will last 4 times longer than normal.

Uses 3 AA batteries - included


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