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Fresh Air 3500 Whole House Air Purifier - NEW (Fresh Air 3500 Whole House Air Purifier - NEW)

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Fresh Air 3500 Whole House Air Purifier - NEW

The Fresh Air Professional Air Purifier offers multi-stage purification to treat the air in your home or office. Breaks down odor causing pollutants and cleaning airborne particulates, pollens, bacteria and more in the air. Multi-stage purification, the Fresh Air Professional Air Purifier utilizes 5 stages of filtration that remove up to 99.97% of particles greater than 0.3 micrometers. With 7 stages of filtration the Fresh Air Professional thoroughly cleans and freshens the air wherever it is located, and with the ability to clean up to 3500 square feet, it can keep even large rooms fresh. Perfect for allergy sufferers or those who would like clean and fresh air, the UV light sterilizes the air and an Anion light sends healthy negative ions into the air. 

The Fresh Air Professional Air Purifier filters consist of: pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, photo catalytic filter, ozone plate, UV light and Anion light. All filters are replaceable. 

Small yet powerful unit that has multiple stages of filtration: At first air goes through the porous sponge insert within the rear cover. Then passes through HEPA filter and then activated carbon panel. Then, If dual UV lights are on, air is sterilized. Unit also can produce ozone that effectively interacts with contaminants that don't pass through the purifier. Ozone plate does not have to be installed for all other functions to operate normally. Even if the plate is installed unit will produce ozone only if the function is turned on. 

Features and Benefits

• Multi stage purification process
• 5 speed fan
• Portable and compact
• Powerful
• Remote Control
• Digital clock and timer
• Safety switch (disables unit if filters are not properly
• Long lasting UV light
• Sleep mode dims LCD panel as to not disturb
• Removable fan grill
• 1 Year Warranty

• Purifies up to 3,500 square feet
• Dimensions: 12 ¼ ” x 9” x 12 ½”
• Product Weight: 16.5 pounds
• Shipping Weight: 18.74 pounds
• Voltage: 120V Grounded Cord
• Fuse: 2 Amps
• Watts: 45


Spongy pre-filter dobles as a cover Pre-Filter
doubles as a filter cover that attached to the unit with 4 easy to remove screws. Within the plastic frame there is open-sell sponge that filters larger particles such as pet fur.

Hepa filter panel HEPA Filter
High Efficiency Particle Arrest filter to capture the smallest dust particles and allergens. It is recommended to replace every year but depending on the environment you use the purifier and how much you use it you may need a new filter more or less often.

Activated carbon panel Activated Carbon Filter 
this is the plastic panel with honeycomb grill covered with mesh. Inside - tiny pieces of activated carbon. Activated carbon absorbs smells and for maximum performance you would need to replace this filter every year.

Photocatalytic / UV filter Photo Catalytic Filter / UV light 
Photo-catalytic titanium dioxide panel is placed in front of UV lights. When dual UV lights are on filter produces strong oxidative effect on any organic matter. Kills pathogens, mold spores, pollen

Ceramic ozone plate Ozone Plate - OPTIONAL
Ozone plate does not have to be installed for unit to perform all other filtration functions. If installed ozone function will have OFF and 5 mode settings that would produce different amounts of Ozone. The plate can be washed with water and ammonia using firm brush (toothbrush would work). Must be completely dry before being installed back into the unit.

5 fan speed settings - adjust desired airflow.
Clock and Timer - shows time and can be programmed to turn ON and OFF while you away.
Ozone settings - 
"Stage 1" up to 600 sq. ft.; 
"Stage 2" up to 1200 sq. ft.; 
"Stage 3" up to 1800 sq. ft.; 
"Stage 4" up to 2400 sq. ft.; 
"Stage 5" up to 3500 sq. ft..
Sterilize - turns on UV light. Blue glow will be visible though the front grill. Lights are facing back (away from the grill) however you should not stare at the glow. NEVER bypass safety features with filters and cover off the back to turn on the UV light.
Anion - turns ON and OFF dispersal of negative anions.
Sleep Mode - Dims display to minimum level. Turns OFF Ozone function but leaves all other functions ON.

  • Purifier - (with all filters but ozone plate installed)
  • Cord -3 prong North American plug
  • Remote Control - with battery pre-installed
  • Ozone Plate - it is ceramic thus brittle so does not come pre-installed
  • Printed manual

If you are planing to use OZONE function you will need to remove filter cover, remove all filters and insert the ozone plate into the unit as pictured below.

Perfect for:
- Homes and Living Areas
- Offices and Stores
- Hospitals and Nursing Homes
- Veterinary Offices
- Smoking Areas
- Hotel Rooms
- High Pollen Environments
- High Allergen Environments
- Removing new paint or new carpet smell

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